Fitness App or a Registered Live Trainer; Which is Better?

Fitness App or a Registered Live Trainer?

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With the arrival and modern communication and information technologies which bring the information world as close as the finger tips. It has become a question of which between the inflow of fitness apps on mobiles devices stores and a live fitness therapist. This article takes a close look at the pros and cons of fitness app and that of the live fitness trainer and weigh on which is better.


With the emergence of mobile fitness app a lot of which are free and are easy to access and with quite a number of options to choose from due to the competition surrounding the vast market, the choice of a cheap and affordable mobile App is all tempting and makes it far better an option than that of a fitness therapist which you have to book an appointment with for an amount far on the high side compared to the amount the option of the fitness therapist will bring. For cost-effectiveness, the Fitness App will take the lead on this one.


Having to sit at the comfort of your house to make a subscription for an app by simply downloading or paying with your online is definitely far more convenient than the option of visiting a therapist for a session, the option of which you may have to wait with too many on the wait to see him like you. Unlike the online App, with a live fitness therapist, the first step is always the consultation part the place where you get to express why you consider the seeing a therapist a necessity, an option which is considered which may not be available on the mobile app. Modern Fitness Therapist too have invented ways of making consultation easier with the help of online help desk, live chat, online video calls among others but for some of us who have had to wait on live chat waiting on the next available agent to attend to us we can easily relate with the fact that the improvement may be a step in the right direction but it still has its restrictions.


For fitness app, often time a general form of workout and general tips are added or at best the video options to help guide you recorded to be a guide are all pre-recorded and lessen the chance of precision compared to the option of a live therapist who is there with you to guide and correct the workout exercises to the exact precision of what is sought to be achieved.


It is very easy to take a decision of getting a workout, working on your fitness and working towards a goal but it gets to a time where the going gets solitary and lonely and as good as the counsel of being proactive may sound it really quite frankly fades gradually fades away and sometimes the motivation of the company around may well be all the help you need. This motivation you can get from a live fitness therapist and not from a fitness app. Like they say there is always strength in number.


The risk of running fitness on a fitness app may be quite expensive compared to the risk of trying with a fitness doctor. As earlier suggested with the place of precision in fitness therapy it is very important to state that the a wrongly executed workout exercise might run the risk of a serious injury and suggestively when such injury is incurred in a lone exercise work then the person may well be in the trouble of paying with a more expensive price than can ever be imagined. The risk management is better with the fitness therapist than it is with the fitness app.

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